Travel Sleep Masks

There's nothing more beneficial to your health and wellbeing that a good night sleep. But what happens if you keep getting woken up by bright street lights, or maybe you are a shift worker who needs to sleep during the day? Perhaps you are travelling and you need to try and sleep on a train or bus.

Sleep masks can be a great little accessory to to have when you travel or even just at home. There is no difference between sleep masks and travel sleep masks. Travel sleep masks can also be used at home.

Good sleep eye masks are comfortable to wear and block out all light. Our range of eye sleep masks includes the Travel Halo sleep mask that includes a head stabilising cushion. Our other sleep eye mask is the Comfort Mask that is contoured to dome out from your eyes to avoid touching your eyelashes which can distract you from your sleep.

Sleep masks for men are generally just plain coloured sleep masks and sometimes bigger. Usually however, sleep masks for men are the same as sleep masks for women. Travel sleep masks are often named as one of the most important products to take on holidays with you.