Travel Adaptors

We have an extensive range of travel adaptors, including the latest models with features such as USB charging.  Keep your belongings charged up and ready-to-use, wherever you are in the world with these top quality power accessories.

Need help finding the right adaptor for your next trip? Use our online Travel Adaptor Guide to find adaptors suitable for each destination. Alternatively, browse our range of adaptors by region using the categories below.

Visitors to Australia and New Zealand from other countries should look at our range of Reverse Travel Adaptors.

Looking for a USB Fast Charging adaptor?
Just look for a yellow 'Fast Charging' label.

Note: All travel adaptors available on this website have been approved by Australian Electrical Authorities.

Unapproved devices can start fires and cause electrocution due to poor design, construction or materials. Insurance claims can be made invalid if unapproved products have been connected to a power source and cause injury, death or start a fire. Stay safe - purchase approved adaptors only.

Download & Print: Compact Travel Adaptor Usage Guide.