TSA Locks

TSA locks are an essential travel accessory for all of those travelling through US or UK airspace. Since September 11, the TSA has implemented compulsory bag searches for all luggage placed on the aircraft. Their electronic scan system is their main method of searching bags, however they are now allowed to search bags physically.

If the bag has ordinary luggage locks secured to it, the TSA are entitled to cut the lock off to search the bag properly. However, the TSA has coupled with Travel Sentry so that they are able to open those TSA approved locks with a universal master key. This allows them to search your bag and then lock it securely again.

Our great range of TSA luggage locks come in either keyed of combination luggage locks. Available in a range of six bright colours including:

  • Neon green TSA lock
  • Neon pink TSA approved lock
  • Neon yellow TSA accepted lock
  • Neon orange TSA baggage lock
  • Cyan TSA suitcase lock
  • Grape TSA approved lock

The combination luggage locks also come in black and silver, and have the Travel Sentry logo on the outside to indicator to TSA officials that these are TSA locks.

Alternatively, our normal keyed TSA locks also come in a bright range of colours. These TSA luggage locks come in single packs with two keys, or double packs with four keys.

Locks TSA are becoming more and more important for travelling. Locks TSA can be used for your gym locker, bike chain or you can use TSA baggage locks for your luggage.

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