Hedgren Travel Bags - RFID+

Here the selection of Hedgren bags that are great for travel, as they have RFID+ protection, which means they keep you safe from thieves and an added security feature is the slash resitant straps to make the bag tamper proof. Plus they are stylish, water repellent and lightweight. Look at more Hedgren bags, including the Fashion bags.

Hedgren Asharum Security Waist RFID Bag
30% OFF RRP $119.00
Hedgren Aura GLEAM RFID Crossover Bag M
NEW 36% OFF RRP $179.00
Hedgren Charlie Crossover with Flap RFID
NEW 32% OFF RRP $159.00
Hedgren Eye M Medium Crossover RFID
NEW 34% OFF RRP $169.00
Hedgren Faith Crossover Security Bag
NEW 32% OFF RRP $149.00
Hedgren Gem Vertical Crossover Bag with RFID
NEW 46% OFF RRP $129.00
Hedgren Sally Crossover RFID
NEW 32% OFF RRP $149.00
Hedgren Stroll Duffle Bag Inter City
NEW 35% OFF RRP $269.00
Hedgren Swing Large Tote Bag with RFID
39% OFF RRP $179.00
Hedgren Tote Bag with RFID - Boost Upward
NEW 35% OFF RRP $229.00