Hedgren Travel Bags

Travel bags that are designed for men and women. The timeless design embodies the energy of the city with clever features, stylish structures and a casual European flair. Most of these bags have RFID protection pockets, to keep your pasport and credit cards save from identity thiefs.

Hedgren Asharum Security Waist RFID Bag
26% OFF RRP $119.00
Hedgren Aura GLEAM RFID Crossover Bag M
NEW 30% OFF RRP $179.00
Hedgren Charlie Crossover with Flap RFID
NEW 25% OFF RRP $149.00
Hedgren Diamond Star Ruby L 15" Backpack Business Collection
NEW 36% OFF RRP $279.00
Hedgren Diamond Star Zircon M 14"Tote
40% OFF RRP $299.00
Hedgren Eye M Medium Crossover RFID
NEW 35% OFF RRP $169.00
Hedgren Faith Crossover Security Bag
NEW 30% OFF RRP $149.00
Hedgren Inter City Swing RFID Large Tote
30% OFF RRP $179.00
Hedgren Sally Crossover RFID
NEW 30% OFF RRP $149.00
Hedgren Sunburst Security Backpack - 10.7L
NEW 30% OFF RRP $219.00