Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are a travellers best friend. Ear plugs, or plugs ear, as some people may search for them, can be either noise ear plugs, swim ear plugs or pressure reducing ear plugs.

Hearing protection ear plugs (or noise ear plugs) can be snoring ear plugs, music earplugs or musician ear plugs, sleeping ear plugs or sleep earplugs which can be great for allowing you to sleep in strange, unfamiliar noisy places when you travel, such as hostels or camping. Hearing protection ear plugs are essential for every day use as well, such as work, concerts or sleeping at home.

You can buy ear plugs (or plugs ear) that are custom ear plugs. Custom ear plugs can include ear plugs for musicians. These are ear plugs molded specifically to filter out a higher decibel rating, perfect for musicians who are constantly in loud environments.

Ear plugs for sleep are usually comfortable and will block out low, dull sounds such as snoring but may still allow you to hear high pitched sounds such as babies crying or smoke alarms. Ear plugs for snoring and ear plugs for sleeping are the same thing.

Pressure reducing ear plugs are ear plugs for flying. They reduce ear pain using a special filter that allows the ear plugs for planes to gradually adjust the ear pressure. Flight ear plugs are becoming more popular among travellers who suffer from ear pain and discomfort when flying. Ear plugs protection is one of the best ways to combat ear pain flying.

Swim ear plugs are the best ear plugs to avoid water entering your ear and avoid getting a swimming related ear infection. Ear protection plugs for swimming are available through our Alpine ear plugs range.

Alpine ear plugs (or plugs ear) are the best ear plugs and are specialists in their field. Our ear plugs come in a range of reusable or disposable, otherwise known as molded earplugs or foam earplugs.