TamperTell Luggage Security Seals

Tamper Tell seals are one of the easiest and most convenient ways to discover if your luggage has been tampered with when travelling. The unique TamperTell seals are one of the market leaders in tamper evident seals.

Tamper evident security seals became popular among concerned Australian's after the Schapelle Corby incident in Bali back in 2004 where her unlocked boogie board back was packed with kilograms of cannabis. She claims her bag was tampered with. Since then, Australians have been increasingly concerned about the possibility of their bag being tampered with. TamperTell are the perfect way to avoid this from happening.

TamperTell tamper evident seals loop easily through the zippers of your bag. Tamper Tell tamper evident security seals are all uniquely numbered as well so you can know simply by looking at the number of the tag.

Our range of Tamper Tell tamper evident seals come as standard TamperTell tamper evident security seals and TamperTell Deluxe tamper evident seals.

Please remember: TamperTell tamper evident security seals are best used in conjunction with luggage locks to assist in securing your bag. The Tamper Tell seals will only tell you if you bag has been tampered with.