Money Belts

Money belts have become increasingly popular as people are starting to travel with more expensive belongings of which they must carry on their person. Phones, camera, credit cards and money are not things you can just leave locked away in the hotel-room safe, they are everyday items now. With pickpockets becoming more and more common, in both well-developed and under-developed parts of the world, it is better to be safe than sorry by carrying money belts for travel with you.

Money belts discreetly store items such as cash, passports, credit cards and other goods underneath your clothing. Unlike storing items in pockets, where thieves have the ability to swipe, money belts and money pouches are a great way to safely store your items.

Our money belts travel easily with you by strapping firmly and comfortably around the waist. Money belts are designed not to be seen. Money belts for men and money belts for women are the same thing. Usually travel money belts are in a neutral colour colour such as beige, white or black, and have a clip or an adjustable strap to fit around people of all shapes and sizes.

Our money belts are made with AgionTM treated Coolmax® material so as to wick away moisture from the body, killing odour. So they can be worn time and time again without needing to be washed.

Money belts travel on you at all times. Money belts for travel are generally lightweight and compact. Money belts and money pouches are a great way to keep your belongings safe when you travel. View our full range of money belts here.