Clearance Travel Products

We're always trying to add new items to our online shop. These products are marked for clearance because they have either been discontinued or the manufacturer has released a new model. This is a great chance to snag a deal - limited quantities are available!

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Edge Emergency Poncho - Colours
80% OFF RRP $4.95
Edge Toothbrush Covers (D)
83% OFF RRP $5.95
Hedgren Diamond Star Zircon M 14"Tote
40% OFF RRP $299.00
Edge Luggage I.D Tags
87% OFF RRP $3.95
Balanzza Harnezz (D)
67% OFF RRP $14.95
Flower Themed PVC Luggage Tags
80% OFF RRP $4.95
Edge Sani Seat
80% OFF RRP $4.95
Edge Waist Safe Money Belt
85% OFF RRP $12.95
Edge Money Pouch Neck Safe
85% OFF RRP $12.95
Edge Clip Safe Money Storage
50% OFF RRP $9.95
Edge Leg Safe Money Storage
50% OFF RRP $9.95