Money Belts & Pouches - some RFID

Our Clip Safe and Leg Safe security storage products are produced with a lightweight Agion™ treated CoolMax® material that wicks away moisture and prevents the growth of odorous bacteria. A much higher standard than similar products made from Poly/Cotton material.  Alternatively we have products manufactured out of light weight microfiber material with moisture wicking properties.

Korjo RFID Neck Money Pouch
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Korjo RFID Waist Money Belt
28% OFF RRP $24.99
Korjo Travel Pouch - Bum Bag
NEW 29% OFF RRP $16.99
Tatonka - Skin Moneybelt Int. RFID B
40% OFF RRP $49.95
Tatonka - Skin Neck Pouch RFID B
22% OFF RRP $44.95
Edge Waist Safe Money Belt
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Edge Clip Safe Money Storage
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Edge Leg Safe Money Storage
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