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Hedgren bags are designed for both men and women. They serve a purpose, designed with functionality to meet the needs of everyday life demands.  The Hedgren timeless cube is a promise attached to every bag. The cube represents Hedgren’s DNA; light-weight strength, reliability and integrity when choosing Hedgren.  

Hedgren’s notable smart designs include RFID blocking material in certain collections, water/dust repellent fabrics, and double stitching reinforces long-lasting wear.  All of Hedgren’s straps are a high-density weave ensuring slash-resistant durability when in transit.  

Hedgren recharges their collections every Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter with seasonal colours and stylish designs. Be sure to keep visiting our site for new seasonal drops!

We sell both the Hedgren Fashion bags and Travel Bags. See below all our Hedgren Bags or visit the page Hedgren Travel Bags to find Hedgren’s anti-theft bags that feature RFID protected pockets, to keep your passport and credit cards safe from thieves.

Hedgren Denim DENISE Large Vertical Crossover RFID
NEW 27% OFF RRP $149.99
Hedgren Denim LIVIA Medium Tote RFID
NEW 33% OFF RRP $179.99
Hedgren EYE  Crossover RFID Bag - SMALL  HIC176
NEW 50% OFF RRP $159.00
Hedgren NOVA NEUTRON Medium Crossbody Bag
NEW 24% OFF RRP $110.00
Hedgren Eye M Medium Crossover RFID HIC176M
NEW 39% OFF RRP $179.00
Hedgren Inner City RFID FANZINE HIC123
NEW 50% OFF RRP $189.00
Hedgren Charm Allure Business Backpack RUBIA 15.6", 15.7l - BLACK
NEW 34% OFF RRP $319.00
Hedgren Charm Allure Business Tote ZIRCONIA 14.1" - BLACK
NEW 31% OFF RRP $289.00
Hedgren NOVA Universe Duffle Bag  HNOV07
NEW 30% OFF RRP $169.00
Hedgren Rupee Passport Holder HFOL07
NEW 25% OFF RRP $99.95
Hedgren Boost UP Waist Bag HBOO01
40% OFF RRP $159.00