Travel Adapters

International travel adapters are usually one of the first electrical accessories travellers look for. Could you imagine travelling without being able to use or charge your favourite electricals such as your mobile phone, digital camera, GPS, hair dryer, etc. By purchasing one of our travel adapters or reverse travel adaptors, you are able to use your electricals all over the world. Our extensive range of international adapters includes:

Reverse power adapters allow us to use electrical appliances we have purchased from overseas back home in Australia. We have a range of different reverse power adaptors to choose from, including some with surge protection. Most of these travel adapters accept a combination of various types of pins, such as a our Deluxe Reverse Adapter which accepts UK, US, Japan or Euro.

Each destination has different power outlets, which is why you need different travel adapters in order to use your electrical appliances all over the world. Use our online travel adapter guide to see which travel plug adapter you need.

Remember, these international adapters will only transform the shape of the pins, rather than converting voltage. If you have bought an appliance from overseas where they can only handle a smaller voltage rating (such as 120v like in the USA), then you may need both reverse travel adapters and converters. However, if you are using an appliance that can take high voltage or low voltage (such as 120-240v like Australian appliances) then all you will need is the travel power adapter.

So don't hesitate to purchase your international power adapter today!