Travelling with Fragile Items

Date Posted:31 January 2016 

Whether you want to enjoy your favourite bottle of wine at your destination or you're bringing back delicate souvenirs, here's how to pack your most fragile items.

  • Wine should be kept in your checked bags. Use bubble wrap to protect the bottle and pack it in the middle of your suitcase. Wine Skin is a bubble wrap bag for wine that is leak proof so if an accident does happen, it won't spill all over your clothes.
  • Glass and ceramic souvenirs should be kept in your carry-on. Wrap each item individually in clothing or bubble wrap and put it in a carry-on small enough that you can keep under the seat in front of you: otherwise, if the overhead bins are full, you might have to gate-check your items.
  • Gifts should not be wrapped before you get to your destination. Airport security might unwrap them.
  • Food generally must be kept in your checked bag. When travelling overseas or interstate in any country, check with local authorities as to the rules of transporting food items.