Getting Rest in a Cramped Seat

Date Posted:29 September 2015 

Sleep deprivation and jet lag cause a number of problems, including fatigue, digestive problems, and headaches. Here are three tips if you have trouble falling asleep while travelling by plane, train, bus or car:

  1. Reduce noise with earplugs. Some airlines provide basic earplugs to passengers, however you can purchase more comfortable, reusable earplugs which adjust to your ear canal using body heat. There are also earplugs such as FlyFit, designed to reduce painful pressure when you fly.
  2. Block out light by using a sleep mask. Again, some airlines have these handy, however you can purchase sleep masks which adjust to your face to block out light completely while sitting comfortably away from your eyes.
  3. Maintain good posture with the help of a neck pillow. Trying to sleep upright puts a lot of strain on the neck and back, making it hard to rest. Travel pillows are available in many shapes and sizes, and sometimes come with machine washable covers so you can keep them clean for your next trip.