Protect Yourself from RFID Skimming

Date Posted:1 October 2017 

Modern credit cards and passports store sensitive data on RFID chips. These can be read illegitimately from a distance in a process known as RFID Skimming. Even with encryption, theft of data can occur without your knowledge.

Since 2005, Australia started issuing passports with an RFID chip in them. Europe, USA and select other countries had them issued as well. The problem is that your personal data can get read from your passport at a distance, without anyone ever opening, touching, or even coming close to your passport.  These tiny chips, which transmit data, are also often embedded in ID cards, credit cards and other items.

Shielding is a process which protects your credit cards and passports from theft of data. While you could wrap your cards in aluminium foil, this method is not full-proof and may only slow the reading process.

RFID Blocking Passport Holders, RFID Blocking Wallets and RFID Blocking Credit Card Holders enclose passports and credit cards with material that blocks electromagnetic signals including RFID.

Our extensive range of RFID Blocking Wallets & Pouches are thoroughly tested to deliver the best protection and ensure your peace of mind at home and abroad.