Things to do with Dad on Father's Day

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With COVID restricting many of us of what we can do we have created a home/ backyard friendly list of things to do with day on Father’s day. 

Things to do with Dad Banner Running

Get Moving 

If your dad is into a bit of fitness freak? Ge out there and join him, any way you can! Things to do with Dad Banner Dress up

Dress Up

It's always a good time to break out the costumes, and whether you want to get all fancy for an afternoon tea party, or you want to help Dad re-enact his favourite movie characters — Darth Vader? — he'll have fun believe us.

Things to do with Dad Dance Party

Have a Dance Party

Remove your inhabitation, turn on Dads favourite music and shake it out on your home dance floor. 

Things to do with Dad Board Games

Have a Game Day

Dust off some of your family's favourite games for Father's Day. Play something the whole family can get involved in or if you want to play something with risk? Maybe a like poker? Or if you are anything like my family, we have our own family card game! Do you? Maybe time to start one. 

Thins to Do with Dad Dessert Taste Test

Have a Dessert Taste Test?

It's Sunday, so allow the kids to get a bit hopped up on sugar. Get as many things from out of the fridge you can, mix it up, blind fold each other and see who can pick the dessert. 

Things to do with Dad Movie night

Watch Movies

Make a Father's Day movie night by screenings some of Dad's favourites. James Bond Mission Impossible or marathon? Or Something with a theme: Money Ball, Friday Night Lights. Remember to keep it PG, R13 or whatever is age-appropriate.

Things to do with Dad Put on a Show

Put On a Show

If you want to plan something more creative, put on a show! Get the kids can sing a song, do a dramatic reading, or a skit for Dad to sit back and watch.

Things to do with Dad Video Games

Play Video Games

We all love video games – but why not sit down with Dads old School favourites and challenge him!

Things to do with Dad Putt Putt Golf

Set Up Backyard Putt-Putt

You have a putter and golf ball? Set a up a simple course in the house or in the back yard. Set the rules and let the competition flow. 

Plan a Trip

COVID means many of us are stuck inside but imagine how exciting it would be to plan something for when this all finishes. Give dad something to look forward to with you.