Hedgren - Casual bag and Backpacks

Hedgren began designing bags in 1993 with one simple philosophy in mind. Bags that serve a purpose, designed with functionality to meet the needs of everyday life demands.

The Hedgren timeless cube is a promise attached to every bag. It represents Hedgren’s DNA; lightweight strength, reliability and integrity when choosing Hedgren.

Hedgren’s notable smart designs include RFID blocking material, water/dust repellent fabrics, and double stitching that reinforces long-lasting wear.  All of Hedgren’s straps are a high-density weave, ensuring slash-resistant durability.  

Hedgren Charm Allure Business Bag OPALIA 15.6" - BLACK
NEW 34% OFF RRP $319.00
Hedgren Drive Large Hobo - FLINT BLUE HBOO05
NEW 32% OFF RRP $219.00
Hedgren Inner City LEONCE RFID Small Vertical Crossover - BLACK
NEW 33% OFF RRP $149.00
Hedgren Inner City RFID FANZINE HIC123
NEW 50% OFF RRP $189.00
Hedgren Inner City SPUTNIK RFID - BLACK
37% OFF RRP $189.00
Hedgren NOVA Universe Duffle Bag  HNOV07
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Hedgren EYE  Crossover RFID Bag - SMALL  HIC176
NEW 37% OFF RRP $159.00
Hedgren Eye M Medium Crossover RFID HIC176M
NEW 39% OFF RRP $179.00
Hedgren ORVA Crossover bag RFID - HIC370
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Hedgren Charm Allure Business Backpack RUBIA 15.6", 15.7l - BLACK
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Hedgren Charm Allure Business Tote ZIRCONIA 14.1" - BLACK
NEW 31% OFF RRP $289.00
Hedgren Rupee Passport Holder HFOL07
NEW 25% OFF RRP $99.95