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What makes the Wine Travel Bag unique?

  • Thick absorbent material inside
  • High quality, 100% leak proof
  • Two zip locks making it reusable
  • Great gift idea
  • Note: Wine not included :)

You can now travel with wine worry free. This Travel Bag is a lightweight yet sturdy carry bag designed to hold standard 750 mL sized bottles of wine, liquor and other liquids.

The super absorbent material inside the bag has a dual purpose. It protects the wine bottle itself, but in the rare occasion where the bottle actually breaks it absorbs all the liquid and keeps it contained in the bag. At the top of the bag there are not one but two strong ziplocks, this ensures that all liquid is kept inside. These ziplocks make the bag easily reusable.

The Wine Travel Bag has been engineered by experts to ensure the bags are 100% leak proof and of high quality. They are used and are stocked by many major retailers and wineries all around the world.

Still looking for a gift for a special occasion? This will be a present that will be received happily and actually get used! It comes in different designs.

Watch the video of the founder of this bag. He gives a demonstration of the bag, with a little help from a hammer:

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