Edge Stay Dry Large Waterproof Pouch

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TBD Edge Stay Dry Large Waterproof Pouch
TBD Edge Stay Dry Large Waterproof Pouch
Large - 20.5cm x 12.5cm
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Use the Stay Dry Waterproof Pouch to keep your valuable belongings safe. This economic alternative will provide you with peace of mind so that you can get the most enjoyment out of your trip. Even one grain of sand in your digital camera lens can ruin it beyond repair, so protect your camera and your photo memories with the Stay Dry.
It is easy to walk into the water, forgetting your electronic car keys and phone are in the pocket of your board shorts, keep them safe inside the Stay Dry for the next time you forget.

Providing ideal protection from rain, water splash-back, sand and dirt, the Stay Dry can also help hide your valuables from thieves by allowing you to bury them into the sand rather than leaving them obviously wrapped in your towel whilst you go for a walk or swim.

  • Clear, waterproof bag
  • Strong, adjustable neck cord
  • Tough, vinyl material
  • Double seal, lock fold design to protect from water and sand

*Important Note: The Stay Dry is designed for temporary waterproof protection only. Suitable for protecting your valuables with accidental water exposure, rain, sand and grit. It is not designed for prolonged exposure to water such as swimming or diving.

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