Edge Universal Sink Stopper

Surface Plug Suits All Drainage Outlets

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Edge White PVC Sink Stopper
Edge White PVC Sink Stopper
Fits any size drain worldwide
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Wanting to wash some of your dirty clothes when travelling but find that every hotel room has a different sized plug?

No need to worry, the Universal PVC Sink Plug will fit any sink worldwide! Made from a soft and flexible PVC material, the plug sits over the plug hole and is suctioned down by the vacuum created by the drainage system. It is extremely lightweight, so easy to take along.

Ideal for:

  • Moving from hotel to hotel
  • Just in case previous guests have taken the house supplied one
  • Camping grounds and caravan sites

115mm diameter to suit all drain outlets. Stopper is held down by vacuum created by the drainage system so it does not have to plug the drain.

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