Edge Dylon Travel Laundry Kit

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Edge Dylon Laundry Travel Kit
Edge Dylon Laundry Travel Kit
Clothesline, Sink Stopper and Dylon Laundry Wash
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This Laundry Kit contains all the essentials to wash and dry your clothes on-the-go. An essential if travelling, camping or backpacking, this travel laundry kit comes complete with:

Dylon Fabric Care Concentrate Travel Wash

  • Colour-safe and kind to all fabrics (including delicates such as wool and silk)
  • Effective in hot, cold and even salt water
  • Safe and gentle on hands, leaving them feeling soft
  • Lasts for up to 15 washes
  • 75 ml Dylon Travel wash tube

Universal Flexible Sink Stopper

  • Holds water in any size sink
  • No need for several different sized plugs

Pegless Clothesline

  • Twisted, strong elastic holds your washing without the use of bulky pegs
  • Strong suction caps and attachment clips designed to hold heavy, wet clothes
  • Adjustable length to fit between any smooth surface and attachment points such as shower curtain rail

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