RE-USEABLE Wineskin Storage - Leakage Protection

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Wineskin Single - RE-USEABLE Wine Storage Bag
Wineskin Single - RE-USEABLE Wine Storage Bag
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The WineSkin will ensure that your bottles make it safely to their destination so that you can enjoy your holiday with a nice glass of wine. This RE-USEABLE bubble-wrapped wine storage bag is ideal for travellers. The air bubbles provide a soft padding to help cushion your bottle, and the waterproof seal prevents any liquid from leaking out should your bottle happen to break in mid-air turbulence.

Simple to use, the WineSkin is clear so you can see what you are packaging and has full instructions on the bag to ensure that you have sealed the bag properly.

Never worry again about breaking that special bottle of wine, the RE-USEABLE WineSkin provides you with complete peace of mind.

Step 1: Open the bottom of the WineSkin and roll out the inner lining.
Step 2: Fold out the edges of the inner lining to expose the opening.
Step 3: Insert a bottle through the opening of the inner lining and push up until the neck of the bottle is at or near the top of the WineSkin.
Step 4: Lightly press the WineSkin around the bottle to remove any excess air.
Step 5: Fold back the edges of the inner lining and roll up the inner lining so that it tucks underneath the Velcro seal.
Step 6: Close the bottom of the WineSkin by connecting the Velcro seals


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