Jackson Aus/NZ USB Charger - 4 x USB, 4 Amp, Surge Protect

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This Quad USB power adaptor has been cleverly designed to make the most of a single wall outlet, allowing you to fast charge (4.2A) 4 devices simultaneously whilst also maintaining your single power outlet. The compact design makes it very handy for travel, or everyday use around your home.


  • 4 USB Fast Charge Ports (4.2A)
  • 1 Power Outlet
  • Compact Design
  • Modern Matte White Finish
  • Australian Business & Support
  • Lifetime Warranty*


  • Voltage 240VAC ~ 50Hz
  • Current 3.4 Amp Rapid Charge max. 2400W
  • USB Outlet 5VDC, 4.2A


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