Korjo USB A+C & Power Adaptor for use in Australia / NZ (USB ACAU)

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The Korjo USB A+C Adaptor – Australia is for use with Australian / NZ appliances PLUS USB-A and USB-C charged devices at home in Australia.  It converts 1 x Aus/NZ socket into 1 x Aus/NZ socket PLUS 1 x USB-A socket PLUS 1 x USB-C socket.

Accepts 2 and 3 pin Australian / NZ appliances

Accepts 2 x USB devices (1 x USB-A and 1 x USB-C)

USB A+C Adaptor – Australia features:

  • Colour coded trim name on the adaptor (green = Aus/NZ) for easy recognition in your bag or drawer
  • Colour coded trim on the packaging for easy recognition in store
  • Earthed for your safety
  • Electrical socket rated to 10A
  • 1 x USB-A socket and 1 x USB-C socket, total 2.4A
  • Rapid charge USB sockets
  • Surge suppression to USB sockets
  • Smallest, smartest and safest adaptors in the Australian market
  • Approved by: Australian Electrical Authorities

USB Adaptor – Australia is used in:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Fiji, PNG, Argentina
  • YOU can add a Korjo 3 pin adaptor to the Australian pins to be able to use this in other countries (eg KA EUKA UKKA USKA INKA SI)

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