Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask

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Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask - Black
Cabeau Midnight Magic Sleep Mask - Black
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What makes it unique?

  • Adjustable nose bridge to fit every face

  • Adjust desired level of darkness, from twilight to blackout

  • Protective curve to keep mask from touching eyelids

  • Elastic-free straps won’t tug your hair


Turn off all the lights, wherever you are: this sleep mask is sleek, soft, lightweight (28 grams), and adjustable. And with a protective curve that keeps the fabric away from your eyelids, it’s the most comfortable way to sleep.


Made from a silky soft plush fabric, this sleep mask allows you to shape it however it’s most snug for you: the nose bridge is pliable so that you can adjust it to fit your unique facial features and sleep in 100% blackout darkness. This mask also keeps you from waking up when you finally reach deep sleep: during the phase known as REM, your eyes flutter - and any slight pressure against your eyelids may wake you up. The inner rounded eye liners keep the mask from pressing against your eyelids so that you stay sound asleep. Plus, the straps are elastic-free so the mask won’t tug or snag your hair, and they’re adjustable, too! (No more bed hair!)


Comes with memory foam earplugs to help keep out ambient noise - they can be stored in the sleep mask’s side pocket.


Neck pillow not included.

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