Edge Tri-Pil-Lo Lumbar and Foot Pillow

In Flight Comfort - Inflatable Travel Pillow

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Edge Tri-Pil-Lo Lumbar Support and Foot Rest pillow Edge Tri-Pil-Lo Lumbar Support and Foot Rest pillow
In Flight Comfort - Travel Pillow
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The Australian designed Tri-Pil-Lo has three separate air cells welded together.

Use 1, 2 or all 3 inflatable cells to create the perfect shape for your needs.

  • Seriously good support for the lumbar region during long seated travel.
  • Customizable to suit ANY sized person in ANY type of seat.
  • No more sore back from lack of lumbar support.
  • Stretch OUT in your seat and have awesome support from the Tri-Pil-Lo.
  • Turn your Economy/Coach seat into a Comfortable Recliner!!
  • 7 different shaped/sized pillows in 1

How to Use:

  • Open folded pillow out flat. 
  • Pinch the valve either with fingers or teeth and blow into valve. 
  • There may be slight initial resistance. 
  • Inflate all cells to full capacity but don't lock down valve tops yet. 
  • Place behind your lumbar region. 
  • Lean back and stretch out and settle in

To adjust for personal comfort and support:

  • Reach behind and begin releasing air from each cell by pinching the valves. 
  • Retrieve the pillow and lock down the valve tops. 
  • Re place in behind, lean back, stretch out and settle in.

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