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Want a good nights sleep at home or while on holiday or when travelling?  Are you flying in an aircraft with monotone, fatiguing background noise or with noisey fellow passengers then SleepSoft is the solution for you.

The special acoustic filter attenuates unpleasant ambient noises in cars, trains or aircraft and protects you against excessive ambient noise.  This ensures a more restful sleep anywhere. Sleepsoft are very good at substantially reducing the noise of snorers.


The laminated structure of SleepSoft earplugs is produced from a unique, durable soft flexible plastic. The earplug easily fits into the shape of the hearing canal within a few minutes, due to the body heat and thus is very comfortable to wear. If needed the user can adjust the lamella’s to the shape of his or her hearing canal.


SleepSoft ear plugs are re-usable and can be cleaned easily using lukewarm water and little soap. 


The manuacturer suggests regular cleaning for the ear plugs to remain in best condition to last for 100 days of continual usage.


  • Substantially reduces the noise from people who snore.
  • Attenuates ambient noise levels.
  • Protects your hearing during long journeys.
  • Optimum fit, no pressure in or on the ear.
  • Softens due to the body heat of the ear.
  • Gives no sense of isolation.
  • Doesn’t protrude from the ear.
  • Comes with free Sleepsoft earplug cleaner

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