Clipa Handbag Clip - Brushed Silver

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American made metal handbag hanger with an automatic closure system.  The Clipa works on horizontal or vertical surfaces, such as tables, rails, walls, fences, shopping carts etc.

Protect against germs and theft - use it at restaurants, bars, bathrooms, office, sporting events or wherever you are.

Clipa is a quality product.  It has been independetly lab tested to hold 20 Kg (45Lb) and machine tested to the equivalent of daily use for 10 years.   The durable finish won't rust, pit or corrode and never needs polishing.  


How to use your Clipa:

Many people match their Clipa to the hardware of their handbag, eg if the handbag has polished silver studs and rings, use the polished silver Clipa.  Put the Clipa ON the strap of your bag (not IN the bag) and attach the Clipa to whatever surface as needed.  When you are ready to leave, just pull the strap of your bag and Clipa will slide back onto the bag.

Some women even wear their Clipa as a fashion bracelet!


Weight - under 60g (2oz)

Diameter - 7.5cm 


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