Samsonite #7 Leather RFID Protection 4 x CC Sleeve

Mens RFID Wallet

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Samsonite Leather 4 x Credit Card Holder
Samsonite Leather 4 x Credit Card Holder
Mens RFID Wallet
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What is RFID?

RFID is a new technology that is used commonly on things such as your credit cards or new Australian passports that enables you to swipe the object near an RFID reader and within moments the transaction has been completed.

Why can RFID be dangerous?

Personal identity thieves can carry a small RFID reader in their pockets and by simply standing next to you with your credit card in your pocket, their reader can download all of your credit card information. The same applies to all of the your personal information on your passport. Within an instant your personal details can be stolen.

What to do?

This Samsonite RFID Blocking Credit Card Holder has built-in RFID protection into the material which blocks readers from accessing your information. Perfect for every day use, it is best to protect your cards before it's too late.

Samsonite RFID blocking wallets protect payment and identity fraud from unwanted skimming of your credit cards such as “Paywave” and “Paypass” and other contactless credit/identity cards. The range incorporates an internal layer of metallic material which is placed in between the outer layer of leather and internal lining which blocks RFID skimming of your credit cards. Made from full grain calf hide leather.

  • Stores 4 credit cards
  • Centre storage pouch for additional card or cash
  • Made from full grain calf hide leather.
  • Gift packed

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